AdWords Script Deep Dive – Service Availability

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We’ve been riffing off some base scripts recently from places such as Brainlabs, Free AdWords Scripts, and the AdWords developer portal.

One example we’ve been enjoying particularly with clients both in terms of innovation and, results involves using external product/service data to influence our bidding strategy. For example, our bid strategy being tied to taxi availability.

Our taxi software provides us with a simple little API for extracting which of our taxi’s are currently available and in-use. With a quick bit of manipulation, we can convert that into a handy percentage. eg.

taxi_availability: 40% 

We’re going to then use the Multibidder Script from AdWords as a base for our logic – we simply need to get our availability into the spreadsheet to perform any logic we want on and decide how much to bid or down on based on our thresholds.

We’ll do this simply in Google Sheets with IMPORTJSON(“”, “”/taxi_availability)

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This will pull in our data into the spreadsheet like below

I can then use this data in a simple formula to decide how much I want to bid up or down, in my case I’m interested in bidding up when I’ve got more than 20% of our taxi’s available and bidding down when more than 93% of my taxi’s are in use!

I’m not interested in this being wildly “real-time” (as is the fashion these days!) as we’re looking for trends in taxi activity, rather than bidding wildly up or down. So I’ll schedule this script to run hourly for the moment.


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